Hyderabad Brothers

Hyderabad:Well known Carnatic vocalists & classical maestros of Hyderabad,D. Seshachari and D. Raghavachari popularly known as Hyderabad Brothers

They have the distinction of being one of the most popular vocal duos in Carnatic music today. With a great understanding between each other and with knowledge and voices to match, the Hyderabad Brothers have mastered the art of delivering captivating Carnatic music concerts. From the time they gave their initial performance in Madras, they have taken the world of Carnatic music by storm by virtue of their immense scholarship and strict adherence to tradition. In a short period of time they have become extremely popular artistes.

The Hyderabad Brothers, D. Seshachari and D. Raghavachari, hail from a family of musicians. Their initial training was under the guidance of their father, the Late Sangeetha Sahitya Vidwan, Daroor Ratnamacharyulu, and their mother, D. Sulochana Devi. The brothers imbibed their music skills at the feet of their parents. Later, Shri Raghavachary alone had training under Shri Susarla Sivaram, at the Government College of Music and Dance in Hyderabad, whose idiom and style, the brothers have evolved. Their music, which has great strength and appeal, is bright, imaginative and full of verve and vigour. They have voices to complement their knowledge and they seem to have moulded their art on the style and gait of the Alathur Brothers.

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