S.Kasim is just above and S.Babu just below 40 years in age. Being brothers, they had the rare opportunity of being trained by their Grandfather at a very young age under one roof. They have accompanied him in concerts all over India and several foreign countries. For the past 12 years they have been performing as a DUO in Nadaswaram concerts. They are “A GRADE” Concert artists of All India Radio and Doordharshan. They have performed at the Akashvani Sangeet Sammelan concert, a nation wide presentation organized by the All India Radio as well as in the “ SANGEETOTSAV” a jointly organized event by the Sangeeth Nataka Academy, New Delhi and Ustad Alauddin Sangeeth Academy, Bhopal.

A sampling of the many rave reviews of their concerts is represented by the excerpt from Dinmani Review(Jan 13,2002): "The Brothers rendered a rare Composition of Thyagaraja Raghunandana in Raga Sudha Desi. The Khambhoji Raga Alapanai deserved its weight in Gold…………".

A Write-up in Hindu(Jan 14,2003) stated: "Though they are hardly 40 they have made a mark in their chosen field. They have come out of the shadow of their grand father Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr. Sheikh Chinna Moulana………"

We wish them all success in their careers as well as efforts to once again bring back Nadswaram as one of the main instruments in our Classical Music.

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