Dr. M. Lalitha & M. Nandhini

Dr M. Lalitha and M. Nandini have been widely acclaimed as outstanding South Indian classical violinists of the present generation. Lalitha and Nandini have enthralled the audiences with their spell binding music Dr. M. Lalitha and M. Nandini hail from the Sishya Parampara or the direct lineage of Sri. Baluswamy Diksitar, brother of one of the musical trinity Sri Muthuswamy Dikisitar who was responsible for bringing the violin into the firmament of South Indian classical music and also belong to the Sishya Parampara or the direct lineage of the Trinity - Saint Tyagaraja, Sri Muthuswamy Diksitar and Syama Sastri and Harikesanallur Muthiya Bhagavathar. They also learnt from their mother Smt. Subhalakshmi Muthuswamy.

Lalitha and Nandini are regarded as highly imaginative virtuoso violinists. They have been applauded by both connoisseurs and laymen alike for their original and unique style of violin playing. Their violin playing is known to be replete with ragabhava. They have specialized in playing varnam-s in 5 grades of tempo and in playing Kalpana Svara-s in 3 grades of speed, which is a prominent and unique feature of their style of Violin playing. They enrapture their audience with imaginative improvisations and intricate rhythmic patterns fused with melodic sweetness

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