Srekala Bharath

A disciple of renowned Guru K J Sarasa, Srekala Bharath is a unique combination of dancer, choreographer and teacher par excellence. As a dancer: Srekala started dancing at the tender age of seven and danced her way into the hearts of the people with her vibrant style, agile footwork and subtle abhinaya. She has carved a niche for herself in the national and international dance arena as an exceptional artiste. As a choreographer: Preserving the pristine traditional of bharatanatyam, Srekala has produced thematic presentations ranging from literary classics to the contemporary, which have been well-acclaimed by the media and connoisseurs As a teacher: Srekala grooms her students with equal commitment to shape them as artistes of high caliber at her dance school, ‘Thejas’. Srekala derives her inner strength from her total devotion, determination and dedication to this divine art form. “Her sunshine smile and breath-taking performance fully captured the audience’s heart at the beginning of the show, and ended with a cheering applause” Osaka, Japan. She recieved many awards and titles including Kalaimamani (Tamilnadu State Award), Nadamamani (Karthik Fine Arts), Bharatha Rathnam (Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Sri Lanka).

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