K. Sathyanaraynan

More so when the musician is a mere child, born 1st February 1995 and stands barely taller than his instrument K. Sathyanaraynan or Sathya as he is called is the artiste in question. Sathya is referred as a prodigy and that is a maligned term these days, but what does one call this wisp of a child who as a child attended an examination at the tender age of 4years, with a European as examiner speaking English with the European accent! A child giving an exclusive Carnatic music concert at the age of 6 years on a western instrument! Child taking his parent as escort for a tour abroad for performance! At the age of 8, 9, 10 & 11 releasing 4 albums of Carnatic music accompanied by renowned artistes! One of the youngest in the world to pass 8th grade of Trinity College, Londo examination on Electronic Keyboard. An artiste presented with a rare gift of a Trinity Korg Keyboard on visiting his website which itself is a gift to this wonder child!

How do you refer to his prodigious – there we go again – musical talent on the keyboard, on the violin and with his singing? And how about this? He can listen to a song sung or played on an instrument and reproduce it verbatim on his keyboard and can tell the notes for the same! Music lovers the world over know that this is something that does not come easily even after years of listening to music. It is a gift and Sathya has that in abundant measure.

At the age of 12 with his talents projected aptly as a gift with the best of design and development of his website in the most meticulous manner by Mr Pyarilal (www.carnaticsangeetham.com), Sathya has received a Trinity Korg Pro Keyboard as a gift from Dr Ravi Dattatreya, Director www.jasminemusic.com USA after visiting this website. The domain name for his website has been donated by Mr Senthilkumar from USA and what a forethought this gentleman had when he booked the domain name keyboardsathya.com almost two years ago!

Sathya can sing too. He has sung under the baton of S.A. Rajkumar, Deva, Vidyasagar, Devi Prasad and other music directors. He is also a composer. He already has one project under his belt, "Avar Parvai : Avar Punnagai", a collection of eight songs on Sri. Aurobindo and the Mother, awaiting a sponsor. Sathya has also composed a jingle, an advertisement for the Adyar Cancer Institute and his parents have sung it - literally, the parents singing their child's tune.

Sathya has been blessed with having Padmashreee Mandolin Shri U Shrinivas as his guru for Carnatic music from Feb'04. The transformation in his ability to handle the keyboard after becoming a sishya of Mandolin Shri U Shrinivas has been tremendous and has lead to the release of his second album namely Carnatic on Keyboard Vol 2. He has got a natural flair for playing violin and is now getting trained on the instrument from Kalimamani Kum. A Kanyakumari. His vocal chords are being nurtured by Sangeetha Bhushanam Sri Embar S Sadagopan his grandfather and Smt K Lalitha his mother.

In the midst of his practice, his performances and his albums, Sathya also goes to school. Sathya is presently a 7th std student at Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan, K.K. Nagar, Chennai. He is no slouch at his school work either. Balancing all his talents alongside his studies comes as naturally to him as his music. He can alternate between the keyboard and the violin, between Carnatic, Western and film all with the nonchalance of a seasoned veteran. Well, that is what Sathya is today and he will not rest on his achievements now, because he knows that this promise that has shown now has to be fulfilled.

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