Mathumitha Srinivasan

When little Madhumitha's father asked her to pick up her birthday gift at the toy shop, the 4 year old toddler chose a small keyboard, amused by the tinkling notes of the instrument . Little did her father know that this was the beginning of a success story scripted by the child prodigy Madhumitha Srinivasan.

Splashed across the front pages of magazines, featured on television, recipient of several awards (including the Trinity topper from Trinity school of Music, London ) and prizes and with over 450 stage performances (both Carnatic and Light Classical) to her credit, Madhumitha Srinivasan has proved to be a child prodigy.

Her musical journey started at the age of four itself when she started playing with her tiny keyboard. This was followed by her first performance (as she accompanied her father working in Saudi Arabia for short stay) before the VVIPs in Saudi Arabia including the chairman of Saudi British Bank.

With absolutely no formal training, and merely some cassettes to develop her skills, she started playing both Carnatic and film songs. She has given more than 450 performances including solo performances, which were featured on Star Plus, Sun TV, Raj TV and NDTV.

Madhumitha has received accolades from eminent personalities. Her most cherished reminiscence is when she performed before the legendary Dr.M.S.Subbulakshmi, at her own house. Dr.M.S.Subbulakshmi praised her talent and blessed her by presenting her with a statue of Goddess Saraswathi. Apart from this, she has also received accolades from celluloid celebrities like Mrs.P.Suseela, Mr.K.Balachander and Mr.Poornam Vishwanathan.

Madhumitha was selected as the best performer in Apoorva Ragangal. She was also sponsored to Singapore after she won a music competition titled “Sing a Song at Singapore” by Ms. M.R.Vijaya. There she gave a number of performances which turned out to be very important milestones in her musical journey.

Particularly her song “Singaara Velane Dheva” won a lot of appreciation from the audience as she played a dual role by singing and playing the keyboard simultaneously. Apart from playing the keyboard, Madhumitha can also sing and dance well. It was for these skills that SUN TV featured her in its 'Mazhalai Meydhaigal' programme. She has also been featured on Raj tv on the show ‘ Dhinam Dhinam Kuyil Padal’.

A perfectionist by nature, Ms. Madhumitha Srinivasan is currently honing her Carnatic music skills under her guru Ms. Padma Chandilyan and violin maestro, Ms. Kanyakumari ; parallelly also in western music - Trinity college, London.

Apart from music, Madhumitha shows keen interest in a variety of activities such as Reiki,music therapy and foreign languages. She is a Reiki channel and takes immense pleasure in healing people. She has learnt German and is now doing Business English through Cambridge University, UK. She is currently pursuing a course in music therapy.

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