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Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru - The reach is really big!

So why are ` top artistes featured at the Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru Festival that is now on at Kamaraj Hall, Teynampet (on till Dec.25) ?

Because the media buzz that it creates provides artistes the window to reach a large audience. These are not mere kutcheris.

They are TV-tailored shows and they are marketed that way - mega posters and banners across the city, string of sponsors and a TV channel that telecasts edited versions of the shows.

From violinist Kanyakumari to Mahathi to Valayapatti A R Subramaniam, over 50 artistes are featured.

This is a ticketed show. Even if you critique the organisers - Lakshman Sruthi - for packaging a music fest filmi-style, you cannot deny the reach that the artistes get here.

- kutcheribuzz

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