Aruna Sairam

Aruna Sairam is the most sought after vocalist of Carnatic Music today. During the December 2004 Chennai Music festival, Aruna's concerts were sell-outs drawing unprecedented numbers of audiences. In the past few years Aruna's concerts invarious cities, - be it Narada Gana Sabha in Chennai or Le Theatre de la Ville in Paris - have attracted record crowds that created "traffic jams around the auditorium".

She straddles the national and international music world with equal ease and popularity. Her panache for innovation has brought her accolades as a trail blazer in Carnatic Music.

Recently the Outlook magazine made the following observation : "M S Subbulakshmi’s no more. But if there is any singer who comes close to matching such purity of voice, diction, impeccable Sruti alignment and frill-free singing, it is Aruna Sairam".

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