“What Saraswathi does not know in dancing is not worth knowing ” are the words of the most respected critic Sri. Subbudu of States New Delhi. Saraswati’s dancing career started from her childhood. A descendant of Appayya Dikshitar, it was no wonder that she could grasp the intricacies of the art with sincere devotion .Her knowledge of various forms of dance like Kathak, Manipuri Bharathnatiyam and Kuchupudi widened her horizons in choreographing dance ballets. She has travelled widely and has visited USA and Canada nine times on Cultural torus. She has presented programmes in the Middle East. Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland and other foreign countries. She is perhaps the only artist to have Padama Vibhushan Dr. M.Balamuralikrishna, the innovative genius for giving voice and music direction in her dance recitals. She has been awarded with the highest civilian award “Kalaimamani” (highest conferred award on an artist by Tamil Nadu Government ) for the year 1991-1992.

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