Absorbing Abheri by Kadri Gopalnath

The lively concert of ace sax player Kadri Gopalnath at Kamarajar hall for Chennayil Thiruvaiyaru will be remembered for his abheri.

He started with a pancha ratna kirtana of Thyagaraja – Jagada in nattai which was spiced with meandering swaras.

Kadri s exposition of Panthuvarali for Raghuvara nannuma by Thyagaraja was erudite and originality prevailed.

His swara sallies has engaging kalapramana. Arabhi flowed like a torrent ad Papanasam Sivan s Durga , Lakshmi Saraswathi was lively with clear notes.

The crowning piece was abheri – the ever green nagumomu by Thyagaraja.

After a brilliant delineation of the raga he plunged into the kriti and enhanced with a volley of swaras which adhered to tradition.

A Kanyakumari on the violin was a perfect foil to him and her vinyasa of abheri was par excellence.

Harikumar provided a quality laya support and attracted the audience with his style.Trichy Krishnan on ghatam converted the humble clay pot to a vessel of music.

Alathoor Raja Ganesh on kanjira played with panache .

The tani of the trio was impeccable that left asking for more .


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