Ranjani Gayathri's Riveting RTP 

To render ragam, tanam, pallavi-RTP is varied ragas is an intellectual exercise. The sisters Ranjani and Gayathri mesmerized the audience with their profound knowledge of music at Kamarajar Hall for Chennayil Thiruvaiyaru.

Since it was Thiruvathurai-Arudhra Darisanam they dedicated the concert to Lord Shiva rendering only songs pertaining to Shiva The preamble to the peppy concert was a song in chittaranjani by thyagaraja-Nadha thanu manisam.

This was followed by often sung Vidhulakku mrokyadha in Mayamalava gowlai by Thyagaraja and they sang a rich tapestry of swaras.

The exposition of Saranga for Arunchaleeswaram by Muthuswamy Dikshitar was a piece of distinction.The sisters unleashed an array of sprightly swaras with elan.

They opened up beautifully in the upper octave in Nattakurinji for vazhimaraikuthe nandi by Gopalakrishna Bharathi in Nandhanar charitiram.

Their piece de resistance was a RTP – ragam, tanam , pallavi in five ragas- Hindolam,bhupalam, kalyani kapi and Madhuvanthi. It was like a cloud burst with music bearing clouds flooding the hall with sharp and welcome showers. Pallavi - Un darisanam kidaikumo Nataraja . It was a cerebral musical exercise. The ragas and tanam and swaras flowed like a woodland stream.

H N Bhaskar satiated the puritanical rasika with his style.

Neyveli Skandasunbramaniam s kuraippu and korvai were remarkably creative.B S Purushottaman on kanjira was brilliant and the tani was an elevating experience.


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