Sankaranarayanan's reign of swara rein

There was rare blend of idealism and skill in T V Sankaranarayanan's (TVS) vocal concert at Kamarajar hall for Chennayail Thiruvaiyaru.

After invoking Lord Ganesha with a vituttam in hamsadhwani he sailed smoothly to Karunai seivai in the same raga which was peppered with elaborate swaras.

Rama bhakthi samrajyam in Suddha Bangala by Thyagaraja was neatly handled by the vocalist. Mahadevan , his son ably supported him.The swara burst was a musical fare with the father and son duo taking turns to show case their swara gnanam.

TVS communicated the nuances of the raga Kambhoji which was grounded in tradition. The audience had a sense of deja vu when he began kambhoji that the song would be Kana kanna kodi made popular by his veteran uncle Madurai Mani iyer.. TVS and his son gave a wide spectrum of kamboji. He gave a personal identity to the composition when he rendered swaras that captured the spirit of his uncle s patanthara.

There was a request from the audience to sing the famous Note- Ga ma rig a pa ri ga in sankarabharanam popularized by his uncle. Eppavaruvaro in jonpuri made the audience walk down memory lane as some people who have heard his uncle sing became emotional on hearing this song.Mahadevan is gifted with a rich voice and ably supported his father.

Nagai Sriram in violin added sparkle to the concert and his raga alapana of kamboji was par excellence.Thanjavur Murugabhoopathy on mridangam provided a good percussion support and Alathur Raja Ganesh on Kanjira was impressive and the tani of Murugabhoopathy and Raja was like a musical conversation garnished with solkattus.


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