Sedate Dharmavathi by Priya sisters

Accompanied by M A Krishnaswamy on the violin, Delhi Sairam on mridangam and B S Purushotaman on Kanjira, Priya sisters Haripriya and Shanmukapriya gave an energetic performance at Kamatjar arangam for Chennayil Thiruvaiyaru.

After warming up with a varnam –Samininne in Panthuvarali they proceeded to an invocation on lord Vinayaka in Sriranjani-Gajavadana by Papanasam Sivan. The swara passages was a harmonious blend pf aesthetics and emotion.

Bhaganayaa in chandrajyothi by thyagaraja adhered to classicism.Their piece de resistance was a rare song in Dharmavathi- Kandal by Kavikunjara bharati. Haripriya s elaborate sketch of the raga had innovative touches and explored every detail of the raga. The apogee of the concert was the swara cascades of the raga and was rendered with aplomb.

The often sung song Karpagavallini porpathangal pidethe a raga maliga received rapturous applause from the audience who sung along with the vocalists.
MA krishanswamy on the violin who accompanies them usually was steadfast in his partnership with the vocalists.

His vinyasa of dharmavathi was par excellence.Delhi Sairam on the mridangam was lively and Purushottaman on kanjira was impressive.The tani of sairam and Purushottaman was animated and full of verve.


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