Unni's captivating Kalyani

Unnikrishnan has a wonderful knack of sustaining the audience with his mellifluous voice and rich repertoire.

After a varnam in thodi-Eranapai he worshipped Shiva by rendering Sivaloka nadhanai kanuu in Mayamalagowali by Gopalakrishna Bharathi. His swara patterns spoke of musical acumen , and was suffused with the beauty of the raga.

Unni's description of Kalyana vasantham for Nadha loludai by thyagaraja unraveled his amazing depth of knowledge . He cruised through the sancharas and his swara segments shone like brilliant stars.

The main piece Kalyani was entrenched in traditional musical values and classicism.Vasudhevayani by Thyagaraja was elegant , flawless and haunting. Unni's swara cascades was like a cloud burst raining music and drenching the land with musical showers.

Delhi P Sundarajan was a perfect foil to the vocalist and the young and energetic Bangalore Ananth had a field day . He was outstanding and his style is impeccable.

Vaikkom Gopalakrishnan on ghatam played with poise. The tani of Ananth and Gopalakrishnan will be remembered by the audience as it was like a musical question and answer session.

The artistes were ever smiling which lent charm to the concert.


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