He has composed Varnams, Thillanas and Alarippus in all the 35 Talas which is very rare and complicated to handle With a touch of novelty Mr. Muralidharan, ushering a new era in composing 'varnams' for the Bharathanatyam repertoire with new themes and in a slightly different format encompassing varied rhythmic cycles with matching lyrics.He is a lyricist, music composer, choreographer, performer, singer, nattuvanar and a sincere teacher His compositions for the dance repertoire like varnams, padams, thillanas and so on are valuable contributions to the field of Bharathanatyam. His dance dramas are a veritable delight to watch and have brought him accolades. Despite his many talents he is a very humble and dignified person who accepts suggestions and criticism with an open mind and is ever willing to improve. I am sure he will be an asset to any institution he visits and will give his best for the cause of this great art.

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