Nirmala Rajasekar

Nirmala Rajasekar is a world-renowned Veena performer and a teacher of Carnatic Music as well. The press has often described her as a ‘Carnatic Ambassador’ because she has introduced Carnatic Music to many other art forms of the world. She feels that “ is the universal language of the world...” and that it must be shared. Nirmala Rajasekar’s first solo album was ‘Melodic Expressions’ and was released in India. Nirmala also teaches Carnatic Music in many schools and colleges around the world. She has judged numerous music contests around America. She was selected as a Bush Artistic Fellow in 2006 by the Bush Foundation thus becoming the first Indian classical musician to receive this honour. India Association of Minnesota chose her to receive their 2008 Achievement award – Nirmala received this at a special event in March 2008 from the First lady of the State of Minnesota for her work as a performer, composer, teacher and for building bridges among various communities in the State of Minnesota.

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