Udaiyalur K Kalyanaraman

Udaiyalur K Kalyanaraman Bhagwathar is a contemporary stalwart in Dakshina Bhartiya Bhajana Sampradaya. He has also been a part of guru- shishya parampara, he learnt the basics of bhajana from his guru Venkatrama Bhagawathar. He has revived the almost forgotten essence of Dakshina Bhajana Sampradaya. Bhagawathar's majestic husky voice attracts his listeners like none other. He is not only famous in India, but, also all over the world. He has an excellent accompanying artists team with him. Bhagawathar has released various cassettes & CDs by the grace of Kanchi Mahaswami Sri Chandrasekharendra Sarawathi.

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