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Seattle RamanSeattle Raman, as he is popularly known to the South Indian Musicians young and old, has been engaged in the promotion of Carnatic Music for the past twenty-five years. He has sponsored, organized, and hosted most of the senior vocal artists in Seattle, Washington, USA. He has been the Director and President of the non-profit music organization, Ragamala during the past twenty-five years.. He is also the Chairman of the non-profit organization, ‘Acme Foundation’, (Academy for Carnatic Music Education) engaged in conducting, arranging lecture-demonstrations, and organizing the Thyagaraja Music Festival in Seattle. He is the Director of ‘’, a music school involved in teaching Carnatic Music, Thyagaraja Pancharathna Kritis, and other Devotional Bajans to the local students in Seattle Washington.

Raman hails from a great musical family. He had his initial tutelage from his grandmother who was a great Vocalist, and a great Veena player. From a very young age Raman was exposed to Carnatic Music. After a lapse of many years during his study period in USA, Raman started learning in earnest from Sri. B. Rajam Iyer, S.R.Janakiraman, and later from many other senior vocal musicians. During the past twenty years, Raman had the benefit of listening to, and learning from many senior vocal artists. He has learnt and imbibed the traditional values of Carnatic Music from all the stalwart vocal musicians including Sri. O.S.Thiagarajan, Smt. Lalitha Sivakumar, and from Sri. P.Unnikrishnan.

Raman devotes full time to singing, teaching, and giving vocal concerts in USA and in Chennai.Tamil Nadu. He has been performing at a number of venues for the past nine years in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, during their annual music season. He devotes a total of three months exclusively during the music season, each and every year since 1996, in Chennai, India, to listen to, and to give concerts at different venues in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Raman teaches music to young and older students in Seattle, Washington, USA. He conducts Carnatic music classes and Bhajan workshops in Seattle, Washington. He is the President and Director of ‘Acme Foundation‘, (Academy for Carnatic Music Education, a non-profit music organization.

List of Concerts given in Chennai, India, and USA

August 24, 2007 Guruvayur Temple, Guruvayur, Kerala
February 16, 2007 Nataraja Tmple, Chidambaram, Sivaratri Day
February, 10, 2007 Bairavi Music Circle, Pondicherry
February, 7, 2007 Sri Parthasarathy Sabha
February, 4, 2007 Music Education trust
January 22, 2007 Kalyana Kucheri
January 2, 2007 Tiruvanmayur Asthika Samajam
December 9, 2006 Singapore, Murugan Temple
October 1, 2006 HTCC Temple, Seattle, WA
January 17, 2006 Thiruvaiyaru Utsavam, Thiruvaiyaru
January 3, 2006 Tiruvanmayur Asthika Samajam
December 29, 2005 Sri Ranjani Trust
December 28, 2005 Sivan Trust
December 27, 2005 Music Education Trust
October 12, 2005 Oklahoma Temple, Oklahoma, OK
October 8, 2005 HTCC Temple, Seattle, WA
April 16, 2005 Sri Thyagaraja Music Festival, Seattle, WA
February 5, 2005 Papanasam Sivan Trust
January 7, 2005 Ramani Academy of Flute
January 2, 2005 Carnatica.Com
December 31, 2004 Sringeri Mutt, Sringeri, Karnataka
December 19, 2004 Music Education Trust
February, 2004: Sri Thyagarajaja Vidhwat Samajam
January, 2004: Thiruvanmayur Asthika Samajam
December, 2003: Music Education Trust
December, 2003: Sri Ranjani Trust
August, 2003: Siva Vishnu Temple, Washington DC
July, 2003: Livermore Temple, California
July, 2003: Ragamala Fine Arts, Seattle, Washington
January, 2003: Thiruvanmayur Asthika Samajam
January, 2003: Kapali Fine Arts Club
December, 2002: Music Education Trust
August, 2002: Bridgewater Temple, New Jersey
July, 2002: Sri Venkateshwara Temple of North Carolina, USA
January, 2002: Prayojana Trust, Nanganallur,
January, 2002: Thiruvanmayur Asthika Samajam
January, 2002: Sri Thyagaraja Sangeetha Vidwat Samajam
January, 2002: Ganasudha Trust, Srinivasa Gandhi Nilayam
January, 2001: Prayojana Trust, Nanganallur,
September, 2001: Portland, Oregon, House Concert
December, 2000: Thambaram Music Club
December, 1999: Hamsadwani
August, 1998: Washington DC, House Concert

Raman is the Chairman of the non-profit music organization, ‘Acme’, (Academy for Carnatic Music Education) based in Washington. The aim and goal of ‘Acme’ is to promote the education, awareness and propagation of Carnatic Music. Raman teaches Carnatic Music for students at his residence in Seattle, Washington.

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