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Amara Kaaviyam Songs Review

Produced by Arya's The Show People, Amara Kaaviyam is a period romance written and directed by Jeeva Shankar. The film stars Arya's brother Sathya and Mia George in the lead. Music is by M. Ghibran.

Saridhaana Saridhaana(M.Ghibran, Thomson Andrews, Yazin Nizar, Lyrics: Madan Karky)

Ghibran flaunts his dexterity in guitar effortlessly in this free-flowing, instantly likeable opening song of the album. The song’s transition from the first interlude to the second charanam is a phenomenal study. Impressive vocals from Yazin Nizar and Thompson Andrews.

Edhedho Ennamvandhu(Haricharan, Padmalatha,Lyrics: Parvathy)

Haricharan’s pitch-perfect vocals are rightly supported by a predictable yet brilliant tune. Ghibran produces some of the best interludes in Tamil film music and this song is a proof for that. A splendid tune and wonderfully sung by Haricharan and Padmalatha

Mounam Pesum( K.S Chithra, Sowmya Mahadevan,Lyrics: P.Vetriselvan)

This is a masterly piece of work by Ghibran. This song was the talk of the album even before its release since the composer roped in veteran singer KS Chitra. A haunting keyboard prelude introduces us to the impeccable vocals of Chitra. But, Somwya Mahadevan steals the show hands down with her haunting vocal interlude though it appears short.

Dheva Dhevadhai(K.G. Ranjith, Madhu Iyer,Lyrics: P.Vetriselvan )

This song’s tune has shades of Nayyandi’s Inikka Inikka written all over it. The orchestration is quintessential Ghibran all the way. By far, the least competitive track in the album compared to the mighty tracks listed above, but only by Ghibran’s standard

Dhaagam Theera(Padmalatha, Yazin Nizar,Lyrics: Asmin)

Ghibran’s display of proficiency continues with a mesmerizing solo rendition from Padmalatha with the backing of acoustic guitars and interesting percussion sounds. The overall template is essentially a blend of Hindustani and Western classical with such flexibility that it would intrigue the listener. It is enthralling to observe that the composition is cleverly based on Carnatic Raaga Amruthavarshini- a raga less explored by the modern day composers.

Edhedho Ennamvandhu (Solo)(Sundar Narayana Rao,Lyrics: Parvathy)

The lilting duet arrives again, now as a solo in the voice of Sundar Narayana Rao. He brings a classical touch to the overall composition with his heavy bass voice and expressive diction. A strange Sufi folk flavor is added to the composition with his rendition.

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