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Kalyana Samayal Saadham Music Review

The first single from the movie ‘Kalyana Samayal Saadham’ was rolled out through Social media recently. The film made after ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’ which was made into television show in America has won several accolades and awards. Staring Prasanna and Lekha Washington, this song is about the how the lead pair got to know each other (first introduction), how they went out on date before marriage and how the marriage eventually happened. Though the visuals looks like a title/end credit roll out, it is very much an enjoyable and pleasant one. The power of Facebook is used as the medium to convey this romantic number between these two lead stars. Watch the visual; it has enough humour and passion of love that will surely leave you with a happy smile on your face. The music is peppy, melodic and soothing. There is a touch of carnatic music in the tunes and in Haricharan voice. Both Haricharan and Chinmayi suits perfectly for this duet since it needs to get the Brahmin voice and flavor of Hindu marriage. The acoustic guitar work is fabulous and it is the highlight of this song. The saxophone and chorus in midsection gives a rich color to the tune. The composer has mixed the western hint to the carnatic tune at places and it has come out pretty well.

Modern Kalyanam (Megha Harini, Nikita)

A peppy track that goes on to groove well about marriage and how ultra-cool it has become these days with the invent of technology. Frequent usage of Skype, FB, makes it very easy to connect, and the music too is full of jiggles blending with western instrumentation. One for the visuals and the freaky song itself makes you crave for the visualization.

Pallu Poona Raja (Actor Prassana, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran)

Hiking the tunes now and then, the song is almost like a desperate "Polambify" of the male protagonist, this time being Prasanna, and to make the connection well the composer has made him to sing. The short kuthu and the interesting bits early are a good teaser to jive well. There are two versions for Male and female separately, mostly showing their agony on each other in a comic sense.

Pallu Poona Raja (Female version)( Actor Prassana, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran)

Now is the time for the female singer Sangeetha, probably the voice over of Lekha to pull Prassanna's leg. The lyrics are a mild take on rather a sensitive subject, however dealt with quirky music and light hearted vocals the song sleazes well. The chorus segment is the best part when dealing with the subject in a witty way, added with some slow string section the song becomes very much enjoyable.

Kadhal Marandhaayadaa( Arrora, Keerthana)

A breezy song gives you a fresh experience of a duet, thanks to some melodious vocals by Arrora and Keerthana. The romance is absolutely through the song in its entire soul and breadth as Harish has rather penned love very sweetly, adding to some quiet composition by Arrora, this song is a class. One of the best of this album, Arrora's vocals and music does not seem to be like a rookie for sure.

Kalyanam 2.0(Arrora, Keerthana)

The upgraded Kalyanam song is very tempting and unique even though capturing the true essence of Marriage and its holiness in all departments. Be it the age old Miruthangam or western score of bliss guitar, the score is a lateral attempt hosting everything you never expect. The lyrics too trend from being traditionally to the urban milieu in an emphatic mood. With an array of variety in lyrics and music, the singers too; Arrora and Kerrthana have come merry!

Mella Sirithai(Chinmayi, Haricharan)

Probably the love for chorus is something which has come out pretty well in most of the songs, yet another beautiful song from Arrora with some clean drafted tune that lifts the mood perennially. The best singers of this age, Chinmayi and Haricharan join for this colloquial love song which already is a hit in the visuals with FB status and the hype of marriage. Capturing the emotions exactly is the song and its tunes, the singers cave in for some claps and taps along the song. A good one!

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