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Madras Songs Review

Madras is an upcoming film starring Karthi and Catherine Teresa in the lead. The project is helmed by Pa. Ranjith whose earlier effort was Attakathi. Music for the film is by Santhosh Narayanan.

Agayam Theepiditha(Pradeep Kumar, Kabilan)

The kind of songs Santhosh Narayanan is churning out with Pradeep Kumar is topnotch. The duo outperform themselves every time they join hands. Agayam Theepiditha is remarkably-poised in Pradeep’s beautiful vocals and Kabilan’s lovely lyrics. With serene guitar sound in the background, the song is quite reminiscent of Ilaiyaraja in the 90s. Santhosh saves the guitar-based songs for Pradeep exclusively in every album of his, we think.

Iranthidiva(Gaana Bala)

Gaana Baala cleanly pulls off this slow, dispirited track set to an old-fashioned tune with perfection. And, the dappanguththu bit in the song will surely give you hair-raising moments. Flawless and authentic kannammapettai style that! We listened to a glimpse of it in Attakathi too. Pretty sure it will be a highlight on screen

Madras(Hariharasudhan, Meenkashi Iyer, Kabilan)

The track is set on unique arrangements of percussions and instrumental fills that represent the kaleidoscope of many cultures and people of Madras. Santhosh Narayanan’s progressions do take a couple of listens to warm up, but the song does build up strongly as it ticks on with the anthemic chorus registering itself. The recurring rhythm has the much needed punch and Hariharasudhan performs with total gusto.

Kakidha Kappal(Gaana Bala)

Santhosh Narayanan’s ability to produce ‘radio hits’ even while steering clear of mainstream trends are evidently on display in this track. The layering of distinct instruments over the synth pop presentation is expertly arranged. The usage of Spanish Ukulele in the interlude with modern techno sounds in background is a highlight of the composition as are the other instances where instrumental flair is provided room to shine. Gana Bala performs his usual best with poise and fearlessness.

Kaali Love Theme( Performed by The Studio Orchestra of Sydney)

A well crafted western classical piece with a tune that could keep the listener pondering for long time arrives next. The composition is simplistic yet possessing an encompassing personality.

Naan Nee( Dheekshitha, Shakthishree Gopalan, Uma Devi)

The quality of the melody and arrangement does recall strains of Rahman. The role of the string section and the minimalistic backbeat too add to the similarities but Santhosh stamps his identity with the kazoo solos. Shakthisree is at her personal best yet again !.

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