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Manadhil Mayam Seithai Music Review

MMS ( Manadhil Mayam Seithai ) movie has come out with a different concept for promoting there film title in the form of a Promo song with the combination of Folk & Rapp together.it is a romantic thriller thread of vengeance woven into the story. It is directed by debutant Suresh Kumar. The film stars Sethu, who makes a re-entry after Mynaa, Prince, Richa Panai and Disha Pandey. The film’s music is by Manikant Kadri, son of the legendary musician Kadri Gopinath, for whom this is his second Tamil film after Udayan. There are five numbers in the album of which the best is ‘Pesamal Pesum’, written by Yuga Bharathi and sung by Vijay Yesudas and Swetha Mohan. ‘Neethi Oru Naalum’, written by the same lyricist and sung by Palakkad Sriram, is also good. ‘Aha Mazhaiyum Illai’, written by Na. Muthukumar and sung by Haricharan and Namsika Iyer, is rendered excellently. The same number is repeated at a slower pace; and this time it is sung by Nikhil Mathew and Sapthaparan Chakraborthy. Karthik does justice to Na. Muthukumar’s pleasing ‘Venmeenile’.


A good melody based on the Natabhairavi scale opens this album and features some impressive interludes and a friendly rhythm and pace. Karthik’s singing is spirited, especially towards the fag end of the tune.

Aha Mazhayium Ilai( Hamsika Iyer, Haricharan)

Nice upbeat folk tune with a charming vocal melody which has traces of Hindustani Raag Maand. The orchestration leaves room for instrumental solos to shine, like the Nadhaswaram and Flute bits early on. The performances of Haricharan and Hamsika Iyer are admirably lively and the interludes are well designed with smooth transitions.

Pesamal Pesum(Swetha Mohan, Vijay Yesudas)

Another tune that can boast of a nice melody. The tune dabbles between western and Indian styles and the attempt comes off as a bit of a hit and miss. The tune could have done well without the gibberish utterances. Vijay Yesudas and Swetha Mohan are rock steady as usual.

Needhi Oru Naalum( Palakkad Sriram)

Highly charged tune based on carnatic raga Mayamalavagowla- generally used for aggression and high voltage emotions, and the fiery performance of Palakkad Sriram ensures that emotions are high. The army of percussions keeps the adrenaline pumping and the feet tapping.

Aha Mazhaiyum Ilai ( Nikhil Mathew, Saptaparan Chakraborthy)

A splendid alternate version of an earlier tune which drapes itself in glorious classical colors. The saxophone solos and the dexterous tabla playing definitely deserve praise. The musicians raise the bar very high and the singers Nikhil Mathew and Saptaparan Chakraborthy too lift their game and match them at every turn.

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