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Naiyaandi Music Review

Naiyaandi is the upcoming Tamil entertainer featuring Dhanush and Nazriya Nazim in the direction of Sarkunam of Kalavaani and Vaagai Sooda Vaa fame. Producer S Kathiresan is producing Naiyaandi under Five Star Studios banner. Director has once again joined hands with music director Ghibran continuously for third time let us have a quick review of Naiyaandi songs marketed by Sevanthi Music…

There are six songs in the album of which ‘Teddy Bear’, sung by Dhanush and written by Viveka, stands out. Then comes the impressive ‘Ae Le Le’, written by Arivumathi and sung by Leon D’Souza and Sundar Narayan Rao. ‘Munnadi Porapulla’, written by Karthik Neha and sung by Divya Kumar, Shweta Mohan and Gold Devaraj, leaves a lasting impression. ‘Inikka Inikka’, written by the same lyricist, and sung by Suzanne D’Mello, Padmalatha and Nivas accompanied by the Sofia Symphony Orchestra, makes for pleasant listening. ‘Marriage Marriage’, rendered by Sundar Narayan Rao and written by Ve. Ramasamy, is a song listeners are sure to hum. ‘Yendi Padhagathi’, written by Devendran and sung by Gold Devaraj, wraps up the album.

Teddy Bear( Dhanush)

The initial WTF moment slowly eases out on the listener as the playful vocal melody kicks in, but the ridiculousness of the theme continues to baffle the listener all the way to the end. The idea is fun and the execution is outrageous and Ghibran pulls it off with some confidence. Dhanush’s involvement in the tune will certainly fetch the tune a few more listens which should open up the listener to the attempt.

Ae Le Le Etti Paarthale(M. M. Manasi, Rubba Bend, PSYCHO.unit)

Sung by Leo Desouza and Sundar Narayana Rao, Ae Le Le Etti Paarthale seems to be a male solo song, they deserve a tap for dynamic singing. Of all the tracks in Naiyaandi album, Ae Le Le Etti Paarthale is longest with 4:49mins running time, yet Ghibran handled it with lively interludes using mouthorgan, violin and piano.

Innika Innika(Niwas, Padmalatha, Susana)

Ghibran begins with tense strings as he slowly but surely sets up the vocal melody with Padmalatha’s voice and then tactfully garnishes it with skillful orchestration which fills your headspace with a rainbow of colorful sounds. It’s a very unassuming song which grows into something magnificent defining Ghibran’s potential. Susana performs splendidly as she plays the perfect foil to Ghibran as he works away in the background.If you are waiting for the Ghibran’s astonishing song in Naiyaandi here is Innika Innika. Song starts at a low pace, slowly but surely sets up the vocal melody with the vocals of Padmalatha equally supported by Niwas. Track sounds colorful when Susana joins the duo. Innika Innika sounds soothing yet gratifying.

Marriage Marketil(Sundar Narayana Rao)

This track should serve as the perfect example of Ghibran’s approach as a composer as he takes up a simple and effective melody and marries it to an unexpected arrangement style featuring a lot of oddball sounds and effects, like the Doordharshan theme. Sundar Narayana Rao travels through this tune in a lively fashion making it an enjoyable song.Marriage Marketil is a playful song in Naiyaandi album. Lyrics penned by Ramaswamy are husky and sure to be youngsters’ choice. Especially ‘Marriage Marketil talikatta ponnu stock illa’ speaks the woes of present unmarried men. Ghibran has given an unexpected ‘sare jahase achcha’ interlude to the song that seems different. Sundar Narayana Rao’s rendition has added lively fashion to the song and the singer appears to be promising.

Munnadi Pora Pulla(Divya Kumar, Swetha Menon)

Again, a simple folk tune that’s given the Ghibran treatment – full of adventurous arrangements and unusual passages. But the composer manages to draw the listener’s attention to the excellent performances of the singers, Divya Kumar and Swetha Menon, both of whom seem to engage in a mini-battle of one-upmanship between them.Munnadi Pora Pulla is the only duet in Naiyaandi, which is more of earthy and folk style. Kudos to the engaging rendition of Divya Kumar and Swetha Menon, they have taken song to next step with Ghibran’s experimental composition and unusual lyrics by Karthik Netha.

Yendi Paathagathi(Gold Devaraj)

Yendi Paathagathi is the shortest track in Naiyaandi music album with only 1:21mins running time. Sung by Gold Devaraj, this male solo sets the listeners mood to love failure.A short pathos number that gets the mood right and there’s little else to write about

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