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Nedunchalai audio review - A listen to the songs

In his debut effort director/ producer Ashik H brings to audiences worldwide Vu, the story of five individuals who strive to be successful in the film industry. Thambi Ramaiah who is a fan favorite in the recent years, plays the lead along with four youngsters.

Kaalin Keezhey(CG Krishnan)

Nedunchalai sees the return of director Krishna after his music hit film Sillunu Oru Kaadhal featuring the real life couple Suriya-Jyothika. This film features a host of young faces and the director has utilized the services of C.Sathya for the music.

Nandooruthu(Chinna, Palaniammal)

An upbeat melody kickstarts the album and sort of tests the singer with the required rate of delivery. The singer shows sure footedness with the lively chorus which works better on vocals than the various instrumental versions it appears in. The backing male chorus is used effectively in exchanges with the lead.


Sathya establishes the nature of the album with a song that is driven by an impressive vocal melody that progresses seamlessly towards a memorable chorus. The composer also ensures that there is an equally memorable instrumental hook and has clearly not wasted any opportunity here. The conglomeration of instruments during the closing moments converges the tune to an excellent finish.

Ivan Yaaro(Madhusree)

For almost half the tune the composer sticks to the basic melody and brings about a beautiful progression only towards the end and it works well to end the song on a high. The surprise chorus in the end is a nice touch. Madhusree sounds splendid in this tune.

Injathea(Madhusree, Roopkumar Rathod, Yazin)

Another truly original composition by Sathya thatís pieced together by remarkable musical vision and precision. The track starts off unassumingly with simple beginnings but is soon prepared for take-off with Yazinís Malayalam segment and then takes full flight when Roopkumar Rathod enters the fray and delivers a soaring performance. The song then assumes a Classical design with all the necessary accompaniments. Madhusree displays, yet again, great control over her voice and range. This is a song that demands a few listens but is worthy in the end.

Vaigai Nathi(Bavani, C.Sathya)

Such is the confidence of the composer that he rests on the vocal melody to guide the song with very minimalistic orchestration. Sathya and Bavani take turns to make an impact with their singing as the guitar notes, the odd chimes, timers and quiet chords set the mood for this tune.

Kadal Thandi(Dheeraj Kher, Elizabeth Malini)

Elizabeth Malini has a voice that resonates strongly in a dark song that digs deep to find ways to build the tension with each passing moment. The clanging percussions, the menacing riffs and the booming flute bit to add more levity to the eerie soundscape.

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