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Neram Music Review

Neram is a film that’s simultaneously shot in Tamil and Malayalam by director Alphonse Putharen. The film features new faces Nivin and Nazriya along with an established supporting cast. Music is by newcomer Rajesh Murugesan. High adrenaline balanced by sweet melodies.

Neram Theme(Alphonse Putharen)

The director’s voiceover gives us the indiscriminate qualities of Father Time and then a big band opening leads the song into a tastefully created section that carries with it a ticking time-bomb-like tension. The explosion comes in the form of heavy riffage that springs a surprise with its thavil backing making it quite a cool theme. Definitely watch out for the thavil fusion!

Kadhal Yennulle(Ranjith Govind)

A charming tune, that’s driven by its honest vocal melody, and its ably supported guitar work, make for the highlights. The track does let go of its initial grasp during the midsections but still manages to maintain its affable identity, possibly due to Ranjith’s sweet voice.

Evan Avan Avan(Benny Dayal)

At the start the percussions warm up to go into full throttle setting up the listener for a racy tune with a folk beat, and it succeeds in its build-up. Benny Dayal is tested with the pace of his vocals but he comes up trumps delivering on sheer adrenaline. The breakdown in the midsection is interesting and beautiful before returning to the breakneck speed beats that’s wrapped up nicely towards the end with a blistering guitar solo.

The Phone Booth(Instrumental)

The soundtrack thus far makes for optimum use of the guitar with various tones and the same applies for this instrumental too. A bluesy tune incorporating a simple groove with fretwork that traverses up and down the scales. The guitar work stands out with the nice give and take within the overdubs.

Katru Veesum(Haricharan)

The song seems to be inspired by the grooves and approach made famous by Gotye with his eclectic ways. But the composer does provide the tune with its own unique melody that sits perfectly with the composition that’s pieced together rather nicely. Haricharan’s vocals effectively compliment the easy-going nature of the music and the melody.

Thiruttu Isai (Beethovan Resurrected)(Instrumental)

The composer dutifully credits the original composer of ‘Fur Elise’ in the track's title. He uses the bagatelle’s little movement as the base to build an eerie atmosphere with layers of dark electronic effects creeping into the speakers one by one. The tune’s awakening is when the movement is played on distorted guitar. A well-arranged adaption that hopefully is put to good use visually.

Pistah(Shabareesh Varma)

The 'Run Anthem' as is now being known has already gone on to become an undisputed hit song. The track’s gibberish lyrics originate from a comedy sequence in a Malayalam film that featured popular artist Jagathy Sreekumar. The track was created as a tribute to the man after he suffered an accident. Even though the lyrics may be absolute gibberish it is still quite a mouthful to sing in the tempo of the song, and Shabareesh Varma bolts his way through it like a sprinter and comes out a winner!

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