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Thalaivaa Music Review

Vijay acting as a dancer and as a mass leader, partly based in Mumbai and Australia, GV Prakash dancing with Vijay, Santhanam singing, Vijay's 25th song as a singer - there is a lot of expectations and surprises in the Vijay-Vijay project. Satiating a portion of eagerness, here is an album that is weaved just for the perfect hero. Crafted by GV Prakash and penned to perfection by Na Muthukumar, 'Thalaivaa' is one of classiest albums that the ears have tuned into.

Tamil Pasanga(Benny Dayal, Sheezay, Psycho Unit)

Buckle up your shoes and jump on to the dance floor. Rich in energy, enthusiasm and love for motherland, the album gets a real jump start with this song which is undoubtedly the Tamil anthem. Being a Tamillian is pride in itself and Na Muthukumar has chosen the right words to drive the song down your soul, and make you get up and dance. Given that Vijay plays a dancer in the movie, this track completely justifies his role. Racy, lively, sprightly and exhilarating, the song is a complete entertainer. You can just not keep put and not dance to this number.

Yaar Indha Saalai Oram(GV Prakash Kumar, Saindhavi)

Just after all the energy in the first track, we have a lilting melodious duet. Though diametrically opposite from the previous track, this one clairvoyantly sets your mood to float in thin air. There may have been songs after songs on love, but nothing will practically match up to this one. And when rendered in the lovely voices of GV Prakash and Saindhavi, it is purely magical. Minimal instruments accompanied by timely beats adds depth to the song. Meanwhile, we believe that the secret behind Vijay's tap dance is seeking to leak out. If one word has to describe the song, then it is beautiful!

Vaanganna Vanakkanganna(Vijay, Santhanam)

Releasing prior to the actual release of the album, this song is a surprise package for, not only has Santhanam lent his voice to music for the first time, but also because this is Ilayathalapathy's 25th song! Starting off casually and going on to become peppy, GV Prakash has ensured to make 'soup' song as foot tapping as possible. Yet another highlight of the song is that the composer himself is tapping his feet to this song, along with the graceful dancer, Vijay himself. The catchy song has elements of Arabian music and also typical 'Kuthu' feeling at times, and Vijay has crooned so convincingly inebriated. In all, 'Vaanganna Vanakkanganna' has a good hook about it.

The Ecstasy of Dance(Kiran, Chennai Symphony)

Every time there is an instrumental track from GV Prakash, it is goes on to become the chart topper. This one, we believe, is no exception. Aptly titled, this song is ecstatic, and transcends the listeners into a different world of bliss. The track predominantly uses wind and string instruments in an intelligent composition. This track will certainly prove to be the translation of the enchantment of dancing. At the end of two minutes, you'd wish the song is never ending.

Sol Sol(Vijay Prakash, Abhay Jodhpurkar, Megha)

We have yet another racy number in the album; 'Sol Sol' is fresh and feels like a track tailored for dance. Creative usage of hip-hop elements and the right choice of voices tips the overall energy that the song offers. Choice of words is highly complementary to the mood set by music. Despite all the beats and energy packed into the song, the track still offers to be breezy and charming. With this, there is an incomparable contribution to dance floor, from GV Prakash.

Thalaivaa Thalaivaa(Haricharan, Pooja, Zia Ulhaq)

Opening majestically, the track is a true tribute to a leader. After many years, we have a song that is purely in salutation of a forerunner. Inspirational and coercive in every note, the song has an imposing aura about it. A song that is all praise for a chieftain coincidentally sounds crafted for our dear Ilayathalapathy. Moving, dynamic, awakening and arousing, 'Thalaivaa Thalaivaa' is a humble and prestigious bow to the luminary.

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