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Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru Music Review

Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru is the result of Director Sundar C moving on from his yet to be released Madha Gaja Raja. The film stars Siddarth, Santhanam, Hansika in the lead and was wrapped up in quick time. Music is by C.Sathya and all the lyrics are written by Pa. Vijay.

Azhagendral(C. Sathya, Ranina Reddy)

A fairly upbeat and joyful number where the lyrics denote that the hero is fantasizing about the heroine and singing her praises. The track is filled with several appearances by male and female choruses which try to spruce up the tune but at the cost of burying the orchestration in the background.

Kozhu Kozhu(Priya Hemesh, Vijay Prakash)

An all out commercial song thatís on expected terms for a Sundar C film. The beat, melody and the main hook are all listener-friendly and would succeed to get your feet tapping. The suggestive lyrics offer a free license for the director to shoot some gyrating visuals for the tune. The singers do their job well with Vijay Prakash especially sounding like heís having a lot of fun.

Melliya Saaral(Harish Iyer, Yazin)

The violins in the background are delightful as the rest of the track layers itself over it one by one. The song changes color going from mellifluous to cheesy pop quite unexpectedly. Harish Iyer has a nice voice but could be guilty of over singing during the early part of the song.

Lovukku Yes(Dr. Narayanan, Ranjit)

The main chorus is quite catchy and it seems like the rest of the song is pieced around it with faster and louder segments. The tune in general is uptempo in nature and is boosted by heavy power chords and grand visuals can be expected for this number. The track makes an almost obligatory room for the filmís title to be sung.

Enna Pesa(Haricharan)

Possibly the track on the album with the strongest melodies which is delivered by a fine vocal performance from Haricharan. The orchestration is purely guitar driven where Sathya presents different strumming rhythms and bluesy solos. The percussions and the ambient sounds take a back seat to the vocal melodies. .

Thiruttu Pasanga(Dr. Narayana, Ranina Reddy, Saindhavi)

A techno dance anthem with lyrics that warn about impish and troublemaking young men is a fun idea but the execution offers nothing new. The promise that the song shows in its change over to a carnatic raaga is not sustained for the rest of the tune. Again, the chorus is a simple and memorable hook but everything else is just about passable.

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