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Thillu Mullu Music Review

Yester year's mega Comedy flick "Thillimullu" is being remade again with Shiva and Isha Talwar in the lead. The music is by legendary MS Viswanathan and Yuvan Shankar Raja who join together for the first time to reprise the magic of the original. Thillumullu the movie and its music ruled the roost in the 80's, so with the remake all slated to release by June 14, it's a wait and watch.

ThilluMullu Remix(MS Vishwanathan & Yuvan Shankar Raja)

You heard it in the trailer, and so there's no change with the Tamil lyrics from the original by the legendary Kannadasan. With a lot of rap rhapsody by Tha Prophecy, Yuvan and MSV have piped in with the trendy hip hop flavor. There's no doubt whatsoever when you hear "Thillu mullu Thillu mullu" in a remix or from the original the blend makes you awe struck. The song is more like a jiggle and English lyrics are penned by catching up today's trends. Yuvan and MSV deliver what the purpose well.


This is the catch of the lot, a very beautiful quivery song rendered by Yuvan. Ranjith's mellow voice echoes through the first interlude and catches our attention. The lyrics by Vaali deserves another special attention, as it might be the usual "fall in love" feeling from the protagonist, however the lyrics are fresh aplomb and goes well. The recursive jazz in the background is a monotonous clap and impresses well. A lot of Violin effect adds the flavor and with Shiva in the screen, it should be a happy go lucky song.

Aaja Aaja(Haricharan, Priya Himesh)

The song gives a feel of the usual duet of a girl and boy, running in the woods having fun. Starts off with the Bollywood feel and however loses pace midway. Haricharan the melody boy of Tamil Cinema has given some great outcomes with Yuvan, but as again this is yet another track which offers nothing special and a reminiscent of so many other songs. The songs intention are to deliver a fancy number, a little high in energy with the electronic bass, however as a whole fails to deliver.


The age old song has been retained with some rejuvenated composition without losing the original essence. Kannadasan's soulful lyrics are always a wonder and when you hear this song, there is an urge to listen to the original classic. SPB delivered a masterpiece for the cult classic and this time Karthik tryst is just about ok, as it looks more like a repetition.

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