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Udhayam NH4 Music Review

Dayanidhi Alagiri's eagerly touted "Udhayam NH4" audio has thronged the stores recently. The movie will be rich with Vettrimaran's flavour, but he has only penned the script, while debutant Manimaran has wielded the megaphone. Siddharth and AshritaShetty lead the ensemble cast along with Kay KayMenon and Kishore. The music is by GV Prakash who is an elite club member among the South Indian musicians.

Indrodu Thadaigal(Ramya NSK, Srinivas)

The song booms out well with a lot of perky beats, with strong guitar strings stealing the show. A song that is composed with "break free" attitude, the lyrics, tune and the singing is all in sync with this assertiveness. Midway the music doesn't match up somehow then catches up back with Ramya's chirpy tone. Vaali's power packed lyrics is very evident throughout as he has penned out with a harshness that only today's youth can realise. It's engulfed with excessive English lyrics to make it groovy and gives a hint of dance number. However this desperate attempt does not live up to its expectation as it misses the WOW feeling.

Ora Kannala(Gana Bala)

GanaBala has become a regular these days, taking care of the singing and lyrics department himself. What happens when the babe right down the street stares at you? And better, shows some interest in you? Well, the lyrics in the first half of the song is just about that, Bala quips how illusionary and happy-go one becomes as they enter new found love milieu. The second stanza surprisingly contradicts and the lead goes on to sing for a dumbstruck friend in love failure. The transition of love ranting to a love failure is not jarring at all and gets very enjoyable. A slow and steady gana sure to enthral, loverboy's and devdas's.

Vaa Iravugal(Ajmal Khan, Amrith Viswanath, G.V. Prakash Kumar)

If you know Kabilan, then think again. The ace lyricist has carved a song for clinical hardcore party animals, as the song itself opens up with "Vaairuvugal" a welcoming night.A volley of singers have made use of some rash party music, as the electronic synthesisers blend along with them The song paces juxtaposes so many elements like rap, Kuthu and dizzy electronic beats with a freakish attitude. As it reaches the end it loses it cool and goes haywire.

Yaaro Ivan(G.V. Prakash Kumar, Saindhavi)

The song opens with soul consuming piano work, a song out and out for the modern day lovers. This Breezy song is all about a boy and girl's lollypop love as they rant their love for each other. Saindhavi's sinisterly romantic voice vibes our heart, especially the lines "enakagavepiranthanivan..." just reels your imagination to another world. Na. Muthukumar can be proud for carving flawless lyrics, which is very engrossing.

Maalai Pon Maalai(Bela Shende, S.P.B. Charan)

Another song with Love taking the centre stage, this starts off with a lovely clap in the background and just keeps it going all along. The clap beat is the peculiar part of this song which makes you to clap beside for sure. Like sweet and candy, the female sings the solace she finds in her lovers arm and the guy sweetens by humming their matured love.Bela dazzles with her deep symphonic voice and Charan catches up quickly.

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