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Vanakkam Chennai Music Review

Vanakkam Chennai marks the directional debut of Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi, the better half of Producer-Actor Udhayanidhi Stalin. The film stars Shiva and Priya Anand and features Anirudh Ravichander’s third full length release If you are not an internet buff, then know this: the last two days has been some incredible response to Anirudh's third musical "Vanakkam Chennai" which features Shiva and Priya Anand in the lead. The social networking sites has been trending with amazing responses to this music outburst, let's take a look at what has made this album a sensation.

Ailasa Ailasa(Anirudh, Suchithra)

The song has a refreshing tryst with melody; probably one of the reasons is because the stringful harmony of Nathaswaram clubbed with strings innovates continuously. The song is also a revelation of Anirudh as a singer who matches the standards of a matured singer. A soulful duet that speaks and breathes the love of a guy and girl, probably a rain dance, a candy love in making, thanks to Madan's vibrant lyrics.

Osaka Osaka(Anirudh, Pragathi)

A breathtaking duet from Anirudh and Pragathi, that gives the listener a celebration of romance, upped with harmonious interludes and instrumentation. The flute and Violin mix ripples as the song settles in, and this song again reverberates the singer in Anirudh and his immense belief in new comer Pragathi. The song though definitely makes you compare it with Rahman and Harris, as the tunes are set on that standard.

Oh Penne( Anirudh, Vishal Dadlani)

Right from the opening piano notes the composer takes little time to setup the tune as the confidence of having a winner is evident in the way the song is crafted and produced. The track features a strong vocal performance by Bollywood composer and Pentagram frontman Vishal, and he puts up a show with the same intensity as he always does. Apart from possessing a great melody the track houses a very groovy beat which is quite infectious.

Hey( Maria Roe Vincent, Papon)

An interesting song with a horde of instruments compliments Papon's animated singing. Starting off with an acoustic guitar base, moves on to the strings department and then between interludes full with whistles and saxes. Another fresh song from Ani probably the breezes new found love of our Romeo like a million bucks bundled with energetic buzzes of trance music and percussions. A bouncy song that should go "Yahoo" among the love bugs.

Chennai City Gangsta( Anirudh, ‘Hip Hop Tamizha’ Aadhi, Country Chicken, Hard Kaur)

It seems like Hard Kaur was brought in all the way from Mumbai to play right into Aadhi’s hands as he has a field day blowing the trumpet on namma Chennai. The track suddenly switches personality to an EDM anthem making it clear that it’s aimed at the clubs with its four to the floor hook. It’s definitely Aadhi’s show on this track as he wins all the votes for his words and flow. Is the deliberately influenced Gangnam loop for a special Shiva show ?

Engadi Porandhe( Andrea, Anirudh)

Plain beat boxing and vocal percussions leads into a wailing Anirudh wondering out loud. The song’s highlight is definitely Vignesh Shivan’s lyrics which make up the fun exchanges between Andrea and Anirudh. The singing pair may raise some eyebrows but they work well together here and sound like they have enjoyed recording this song. The track also features the first of the Rajini factor as the Basha samples are used cleverly.

Ailasa Ailasa( Anirudh, Suchithra)

Pleasant piano and nadhaswaram notes bring about an auspicious opening. Suchithra sounds particularly great and credit to the composer for picking her voice for this tune. Anirudh gives the folk natured Ailasa Ailasa a fresh makeover with the gentle guitar treatment. The vocal overdubs offer a wholesome effect on the beautiful melody.

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