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Hats off Harris
(Aadhavan - Audio Review)

Harris Jeyaraj is synonymous to catchy melodies. The sought-after music composer in Kollywood is known for his quality. Rich in rhythms, his songs have always been a raze among youngsters. So is Aadhavan, produced by Red Giant Movies (Udayanidhi Stalin) and directed by K S Ravikumar.

The movie has a huge star cast including Suriya, Nayanthara, Saroja Devi, Rahul Dev, Vadivelu and Ramesh Khanna. After Kaakka Kakka, Varanam Ayiram and Ayan, Harris seems to have struck gold with Suriya once again.

Hasili Fisiliyae ( Karthik, Harini)

Harris knows the knack for reaching out the music-buffs throwing out some funny meaningless opening word in his songs. Hasili Fisiliyae is a soft melody that mesmerises as soon as it begins. Penned by Pa Vijay, it is a romantic duet with splendid rhythm. All credits to Karthik and Harini for singing it with grace and charm. The rap in between by Dr Burn and Maya is very catchy.

Yeno Yeno Panithuli (Shail Hada, Sudha Raghunadhan, Andrea)

Lyricist Thamarai and Harris Jeyaraj share a good rapport. All their earlier siongs have topped the charts. This song rendered by a talented trio - Shail Hada, Sudha Raghunadhan and Andrea with soft beats is running at same pace all through. Generous use of guitar and saxophone gives it a great feel. Rich in rhythm, the song is simply alluring.

Damakku Damakku (Benny Dayal)

Harris Jeyaraj's peppy songs does have a pattern. They start on a soft note and slowly gathers pace. So is this song. Rendered in an energetic tone by Benny Dayal, the song, penned by Na Muthukumar, has racy rhythms. Muthukumar's lyrics are simple and straightforward.

Vaarayo Vaarayo ( Unnikrishnan, Chinmayee, Mega)

Refreshing to listen to Unnikrishnan after a brief gap. In the company of Chinmayee and Mega, he does what he is known for - singing a melodious number. Penned by Kabilan, the song is supposedly a romantic number that oozes with freshness all through. Chinmayee keeps good pace with Unnikrishnan. Splendid one for those who love melody.

Dekho Dekho (Suvisuresh, Sandhya, Sricharan ( Rap voice & lyrics).

Lyrics: Vaali

Splendid song that is racy and tango from the word go. Vaali has penned it keeping in mind the story of film. Carrying interesting rhythm patterns, the song is simply alluring for Harris Jeyaraj changes gears often. Vaali's lyrics add to the strength.

Maasi Maasi (Mano, Mega)

Mano is back to entertain the music-buffs with his vivacious voice. The percussion and the instrumentation is a delight. Mano is simply the same he was some years ago.

On the whole, Harris Jeyaraj has started from where he left in Ayan. The songs are splendid and smooth to listen to. No doubt, the album is one more feather in his crown.

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