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Kaaviyathalaivan Songs Review

Y Not and Radiance co produce an ambitious period venture, directed by the equally meticulous Vasantha Balan. A.R. Rahman treats the histrionic film with his magical music.

Vaanga Makka Vaanga(Dr. Narayanan, Haricharan,Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar)

Harcicharan at his best, resonates the therukoothu feel with his carnatically inclined voice. The arrangements of mridangam, chimes and harmony singing is sure to elevate the scene, taking us to the actual period.

Aye Mr. Minor!( Haricharan, Shashaa Tirupati,Lyrics: Pa. Vijay)

A.R.Rahman loves getting back to his Iruvar days. This retro ballroom music is orchestrated to ooze out the love, romance and chemistry between the lead pair. The bongos and the string sessions give the much needed nostalgia. The bass lines go hand in hand with the little electronics to make the song groovy.

Yaarumilla( Shweta Mohan, Srinivas,Lyrics: Pa. Vijay)

The album's best track is here! Yaarumilla is an earthy, warm melody set to the instrumentation of neatly arranged table, flute and harmoniums. Shwetha Mohan does a commendable job with the rendition while Srinivas chips in with the humming portions. The lyrics do sound odd at the first instance but later we get to know that it is actually a letter being sung to the tune. Perfecto!

Sandi Kuthirai (Haricharan,Lyrics: Pa. Vijay)

Straight out of vintage Nagesh type tracks! Sandi Kuthirai’ is a peppy, 60's type dance number right along the lines of Viswanathan Velai Vendum & Anubavi Raja Anubavi. The track simply oozes fun and the typical rock 'n' roll genre is brought back alive with some lively singing by Haricharan and by some jazz arrangements. Especially the xylophones!

Sollividu Sollividu ( Mukesh,Lyrics: Pa. Vijay)

This is a completely lyric dominated track which will not find many takers among modern listeners.Though the opening blow horns reminds us of the composer's recent album Kochadaiyaan, the song stands out with Pa.Vijay’s lyrics.The song shifts tone halfway through and the context of the song appears to have been placed in a Mahabharatha backdrop involving Arjuna & Krishna. Looking forward to the visuals now.

Thiruppugazh (Vani Jayaram,Lyrics: Arunagirinathar)

Vaani Jayaram is back! And how? With a soulful rendition of an excerpt from Thiruppugazh. This number is just a short, prayer song accompanied by mild instrumentations just around two minutes. And yeah, Vaani Jayaram is sounding just like as she did in her golden days!

Alli Arjuna ( Bela Shende, Haricharan,Lyrics: Vaalee)

Can a single track be 10 odd minutes long ? If Rahman composes, yes ! More like a Montage' song, this track is just like those street dramas of the black and white days. This powerhouse rendition from Haricharan, begins with A.R.Rahman's favourite Raag Desh leading to another of his favorite Raag Maand and eventually touches Shivaranjani and the great worlds of folkish Harikambhoji.

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