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S Ve Shekar’s humour lives

Comedy king S Ve Shekar regaled the audience at Kamarajar hall for Navarasam fest with his old production - Ayiram Udhai Vangiya Aboorva Sigamani.

This drama is almost a quarter century old and it was a super hit which ran to houseful shows. The play began an hour behind schedule and the protagonist is Shekar himself. A wayward son, he always teases his father who is bent upon fixing up a job for him.

Shekar is called Sigamani who throws pithy one-liners as jokes. Though most of them are repetitive, they are still enjoyable.

Sigamani goes to Madurai for a job and returns home within a week, mourning that he cannot gallivant selling chocolates as they all melt in his hands and he has no option but to lick them.

Many people dub him as a womaniser but, according to him, he is just helping them without any malice. His mother has a soft corner for him and always pampers him.

His father is has a great dislike towards his profligate lifestyle. Sigamani feels that it is a sin not to support his grown-up son.

A girl from Madurai suddenly springs up and calls his parents as her in-laws. The bewildered parents are in state of shock. Why does she claim herself as their daughter-in-law should be seen on stage.

The play is interspersed with jokes, sometimes hitting at politics and politicians and the old jokes are replaced by ones pertaining to the current situation.

Shekar has a powerful voice and a clear, chaste diction and his delivery of dialogues is astounding.

All the artistes performed well and Shekar’s spontaneous humour calls for praise.

An evening with Sigamani is a tryst with humour.


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