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Sarabham Songs Review

Sarabham is an upcoming film under CV Kumar's banner of Thirukumaran Entertainment. The film stars Naveen Chandra and Salony Luthra in the lead with an experience support cast. The film is written and directed by Arun Mohan with music by Britto Michael.

Neram(Usha Uthup, Kurinchi Prabha)

Usha Uthup induces her divine flavour into this song, which is composed on a grand scale. Britto's talent is in full flow here, as both the vocals and the interludes compliment each other very well. Not a potential chartbuster, but surely one where the composer has carved his mark. Kurinji Prabha has injected much more care into the lyrics, unlike the other songs.

Bodhayil Pathal Marum(Anthony Dasan, Britto Michael, Lyrics - Kurinji Prabha)

Nothing much to say about this track, which stays pedestrian. Anthony Dasan's does a Gaana Bala cameo here along with Britto Michael again. Opening up, this tune sounds like a quicker version of the first, sans the loud interlude.

Sarabham Theme (Rabbit Mac @ Psycho Unit)

What starts off like a WWE entrance bit sways towards one which will perfectly fit the tone of the film. Rabbit Mac from Psycho Unit holds responsibility of the vocals, as this gets engaging when the chorus goes Sarabham!! A fitting theme to end the album. Sarabham is neither a good nor a bad album. Britto's casual numbers which struck a good tone amongst the youth in Sundattam, is missing here. The composer seems to have worked towards the theme of the film and as a result, goofed up on what he is capable of. A hunky-dory album, with two good tracks.

Pudhidhai Oru Iravu(Andrea, Britto Michael, Lyrics - GKB )

Andrea's trendy voice kicks off the album on a breezy album. The composer Britto Michael himself grabs the mic alongside her, as his Yuvan-ish voice does aid the song become a good listen on the whole. The interlude which is loud and jarring could have been cut down a little.

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