From double Oscars to double Grammy
A R Rahman, affectionately called as the Mozart of Madras managed a double triumph at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, scooping two early honours for his music from Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire.

Rahman won the awards in the best compilation soundtrack for a motion picture category and Jai Ho won the best motion picture song category.

Rahman's rivals in the soundtrack category included Steve Jordan for Cadillac Records, Quentin Tarantino for Inglourious Basterds, and the producers of Twilight and True Blood. In the best song category Rahman's beaten rivals included Bruce Springsteen for his song The Wrestler, from the Oscar-nominated movie of the same name.

Rahman expressed his gratitude to Almighty up on receiving the awards.'This is insane, God is great again,' Rahman said as he accepted his award.

A R Rahman had list of names to be thanked. Speaking on the occasion, he said, ' I never even dreamt about winning all these awards. I once again want to thank the Almighty, my spiritual Sufi teachers Ameen Peerullah Malik Sahib, the Slumdog team, Gulzaar, Sukvinder Singh, Tanvi Shah, Vijay Prakash, my friend and sound engineer late H Sridhar other friends and of course my parents and many well-wishers.Jai Ho!...

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