Ramesh Vinayakam's Nadha Vaibhavam
Ramesh Vinayakam, known for his mellifluous tunes in Tamil cinema, is all set to enthrall music-buffs with a bigger and a beautiful attempt.He has come out with the theme music for 'Nadha Vaibhavam', a grand musical spectacle being organised by Sri Sri Ravishankar's Art of Living in Chennai on 30 January.

The theme music that runs for over 20 minutes encompasses all genres of music - from Carnatic to Hindustani to Western.

In an exclusive interview to Lakshman Sruthi, the music composer said, "I consider it a rare honour to be part of Nadha Vaibhavam. Music legend V S Narasimhan had immense faith in my talents and suggested me to take up the huge task. With great responsibility I took the challenge. Thank Almighty, it has come good,"

It is more like a symphnoy and it comprises all forms of music in it, to stress that fact that music has no boundaries and barriers and it has an universal appeal, he says and adds, "among those who gave their voice to the theme music include Srinivas, Chitra, Shankar Mahadevan, Unni Krishnan, Sanjay Abhyankar, Vijaya Shankar and Rita."

There is Carnatic, Hindustani, Western Quatret besides Choral et al in the theme music. It is more divine, mystic and would give a ecstatic feel to the listeners

Ramesh is upbeat that things are moving in the right direction for him. He has hands full with films including 'Vadham Seiyya Virumbu', 'Paal' and an untitled film with S P B Charan's Capital Film Works.

As a playback singer too, Ramesh Vinayakam has won the admiration of music buffs crooning 'Sadhasivam..,' a song in Telugu movie 'Khaleja', which topped the audio charts there.

Urging people to encourage alternate music like ghazal, folk and private album, Ramesh says, "good music will always entertain and enthrall masses. I will strive for it in all my works".

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