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Music News Index (March 2011)

'Ilayaraja is special'(31th Mar 2011)
Get, set, go(31th Mar 2011)
Dikshitar jayanthi(31th Mar 2011)

Yuvan, Srikanth Deva, Simbu(30th Mar 2011)
I will prove my acting skills: Vijay Antony(30th Mar 2011)
India Vs Pak: Miandad suggests music(30th Mar 2011)

Six songs in ‘Nanban’(29th Mar 2011)
MGR songs and election campaign(29th Mar 2011)
Music contests in Bangalore(29th Mar 2011)

Karunanidhi launches ‘Ponnar Sankar’ audio(28th Mar 2011)
Nasser feels like ‘Maharaja’(28th Mar 2011)
Hamsadhwani honours R K Srikantan(28th Mar 2011)

‘Ponnar Sankar’ music this Sunday(26th Mar 2011)
Chennai band performs for cricket(26th Mar 2011)
‘Vetri Nayagan’ comes out(26th Mar 2011)

President honours SPB with Padma Bhushan(25th Mar 2011)
Prashanthini on a song(25th Mar 2011)
Mani Ratnam to release Rahman’s autobiography(25th Mar 2011)

Rahman is irked(23rd Mar 2011)
Simbu sings for Thaman(23rd Mar 2011)
NTR comes to Tamil(23rd Mar 2011)

'Vaanam' audio launched(22st Mar 2011)
Thaman is too busy(22st Mar 2011)
'Urumi' song is a gift for my parents: Vidya Balan(22st Mar 2011)

Malathy Lakshman speaks out(21st Mar 2011)
‘OK OK’ tunes in Singapore(21st Mar 2011)
Britney bans drugs(21st Mar 2011)

Yuvan goes to Hollywood(19th Mar 2011)
'Eththan' audio launched(19th Mar 2011)
Rapper Nate Dogg passes away(19th Mar 2011)

'Selvaganesh is super'(18th Mar 2011)
Janet Jackson turns film producer(18th Mar 2011)
Rapper Nate Dogg passes away(18th Mar 2011)

G V Prakash sings for Vikram(17th Mar 2011)
'Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai' audio released(17th Mar 2011)
'Sabash Sariyana Potti' music launched(17th Mar 2011)

Rahman launches 'Kullanari Koottam' music(16th Mar 2011)
Madhumitha loses jewels(16th Mar 2011)
Jazz drummer Joe Morello is no more(16th Mar 2011)

Big audio launches in Kollywood(14th Mar 2011)
Music world’s support to Japan(14th Mar 2011)
Shreya Goshal all smiles(14th Mar 2011)

Bharadwaj: 1330 Thirukkurals, 1330 singers(12th Mar 2011)
Many singers, one stage(12th Mar 2011)
Young age, matured performance(12th Mar 2011)

Yuvan makes waves in Tollywood too(11th Mar 2011)
Mikes on: It’s Padmalatha(11th Mar 2011)
Music is life: Balamuralikrishna(11th Mar 2011)

Yuvan makes waves in Tollywood too(10th Mar 2011)
Award and accolades for Adyar Lakshmanan(10th Mar 2011)
Salute to the legend(10th Mar 2011)

Suriya's super song(9th Mar 2011)
Suseendhiran impresses Ilayaraja(9th Mar 2011)
Simbu goes places(9th Mar 2011)

When Ilayaraja and Rahman came together(8th Mar 2011)
Songs ready for 'Vettai'(8th Mar 2011)
'Hariyudan Naan' all set for Dubai(8th Mar 2011)

S S Kumaran turns hero(7th Mar 2011)
'Nanban' to have 'All is well....'(7th Mar 2011)
Award for artist(7th Mar 2011)

Rahman not worries about Oscar defeat(4th Mar 2011)
Madonna's daughter embarrassed(4th Mar 2011)
Award for artist(4th Mar 2011)

Pondicherry chief Minister released(3rd Mar 2011)
Music is in his veins(3rd Mar 2011)
Yuvan mightily impressed with Bala(3rd Mar 2011)

Pondicherry chief Minister released(2nd Mar 2011)
A legend called Lalgudi(2nd Mar 2011)
Music for cricket and peace(2nd Mar 2011)

Pondicherry chief Minister released(1st Mar 2011)
Yuvan Shankar in ‘Billa’ bus(1st Mar 2011)
Music fest in Thiruvaiyaru again(1st Mar 2011)

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