Anooradha Sriram learns Kabir bhajans
Anooradha Sriram is attempting something different. The ace singer is learning poems penned by legendary poet Kabir of late. “His songs are like divine light,” says the vocalist.

“I have become a great admirer of Kabir. He is like our Mahakavi Bharathi. He has penned a lot of songs on various social issues. I am listening to them besides learning to sing them,” she adds.

Saying that Kabir songs would be sung at rural music festivals conducted annually in Madhya Pradesh, Anooradha says the poet had not penned lyrics in praise of any particular God and gave first priority to Guru. “So I love him a lot.”

One of south India's leading playback singers, Anooradha started her music training at the tender age of six. Well versed in both Carnatic and Hindustani classical music, she is popular for her beautiful voice in Carnatic and film circuits.

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