Musical on Boyle’s life

After singing her way to stardom, Susan Boyle is now planning to conquer the stage and is set to star in a musical about her own amazing rise to fame. The Scottish singer who went from a modest upbringing to stardom with the reality TV show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ will play herself on stage, a popular British tabloid reported online.

‘I’m definitely going to be on stage. I’d rather that than having to sit watching people up there looking like me,’ she said.

Producers are planning to train the spotlight on the 49-year-old star’s upbringing in Blackburn, West Lothian, her period living alone with her cat and her rise to stardom, on a huge UK tour late next year.
‘I want to be doing the music parts, so I’ll be coming in and out of the show. I’m looking forward to doing some live work. It’ll be really nice to see so many of the people who have supported me in person,’ said Boyle.

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