Rahman buys house in Los Angeles
Buzz is that Mozart of Madras A R Rahman has made Hollywood his second home. The double Oscar-winner has bought an apartment in Los Angeles,if reports are to be belieed.

Rahman is the only Indian composer to own a house in Los Angeles.That’s not all — the composer has converted his new apartment into a state-of-the-art recording studio. In fact, Rahman’s now does his Hollywood projects and also fine tunes music for his world tour from his Los Angeles address.

"Rahman is always hard pressed for time. So, he decided that having an apartment-cum-studio would be very beneficial. He wanted to have a setting like he does in his Chennai home in which he also has a studio. When Rahman composes his music, he does not really move around. He likes to keep to himself and wait for the inspiration. So,his house is more like an office and a studio with basic amenities of a house thrown in," sources were quoted saying.

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