'Srikanth Deva is strength'

Director Veerapandyan, who had assisted Agathiyan before, is currently making a film titled 'Avargalum Ivargalum'. He says Srikanth Deva's songs are the major highlight of the movie.

Expressing delight at the songs composed by Srikanth Deva, the director says, "All of them have come out well, they are different from each other".

Veerapandyan has introduced Vimal Natarajan and Supraja to act along with Sathish of Azhagi, Solla Maranda Kathai- fame and Maanada Mayilda girl Aishwarya in this film. "Setting aside caste, creed, colour and religion, the four principle characters in the movie Avargalum Ivargalum believe that what binds them is love. Their love is sincere", says the filmmaker.

The movie also features filmmaker Agathiyan and producer 'Captain' Kamraj in key roles. The latter is former Tamilnadu Football team skipper. Dwelling further, the director says, "the movie is close to reality. We have no scenes glorifying the hero. It reflects the events as we see in everyday life".

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