Music director Deva has the reputation of having composed music for so many number of films within the ambit of a very short period! He got introduced as film music director through the picture "Manasukkeththa Maharaasaa", in the year 1989. In the intervening 10 years he has composed music for a total of more than 200 films!

Deva, whose original name was Devanesan, was born to the couple M.C.Chokkalingam-M.C.Krishnaveni, the date of birth being 20-11-1950. Even at the small age, Deva was attracted towards the world of music. Teaming with Chandra Bose, he staged so many musical programmes. He started learning classical music under Dhanraj and successfully finished a course in Western music conducted by London Trinity Music college!

Before coming to Cinema, Deva worked for some time in the Television field. In those days Deva's brothers were working in the musical troupes of Ilayaraja and other music directors as instrumentalists. But Deva, as he was taking special interests for self-improvement in his profession was also at the same time looking for chances to enter into cinefield. But the benefits of those efforts didn't bear fruits that much easily. Only after so much hardship he managed to enter the field with the help of some friends. Just after his entry, the production work of those films, for which negotiations were on for fixing Deva as the music director, couldn't get completed and some other films with his music couldn't be released at all!

Yet, without getting upset, Deva had been continuing his efforts which finally began yielding results! The first film, with Deva's music direction, that was releaesd was "Manasukkeththa Maharaasaa". This film didn't popularize Deva to the expected level! The second film released was "Vaikaasi Poranthaachu", which spread his name even to the nooks and corners of the state! Only after that so many film companies came to book Deva for their projects.

So far he has composed music for more than 200 films which include Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films. Yet, he hasn't given up composing music also for 'bhakthi' films! Above all, Deva composed music for the films acted by Tamil cinema's important personality, Super Star Rajinikanth, which added to the great popularity of Deva. There's an important reason also for the cinefield's great personalities opting for Deva for composing music for their films! It's this: fame couldn't blind his eyes and he never forgets people. He mingles with them with humane approach! As a result, he composed music for "Annaamalai", "Bhaashaa", "Arunachalam" and wrote new success history, rising to the No. 1 spot among the music directors in Tamil.

Behind Deva's great success, there are his brothers also, which fact he won't deny too! He says: 'If I stand at this height as a music director, the supportive reason behind this is my brothers. They too work hard like me. That's why it was possible for me to accomplish the task of composing music for such huge number of films! So to say, all my 4 brothers have their own share in my present success!'

As a brother Deva showers upon them (brothers) his heart-felt felicitations and his brothers, on their part, continue to take greater pains professionally, to add to the well-meaning achievements of Deva in the future also! This quality of Deva has enhanced his image among the top brass of the cineworld! Hence, veteran music director M.S.Viswanathan has conferred upon Deva the most suitably coined title, "Thenisai Thentral". As if doing full justification to this title, Deva's tunes and musical scores never fail to pour sweet honey in the form of melodious songs into our 'yearning' ears! Among the films whose music was composed by Deva, 7 became silver jubilee hits! 100 days films were 34. Deva has been honoured with so many awards too! In 1990, he received Best Music Director Award from Tamilnadu Government. He got Tamilnadu Government's 'Kalai Maamani Award' in the year 1992. Again in 1995, the film "Aasai" enabled him to receive Tamilnadu Government's 'Best Music Director' award! For "Bhaashaa", he got Tamilnadu Arts and Cultural Academy award!

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