"Mellisai Mannar" M S Viswanathan
Name M S VM.S.Viswanathan
(Manaiangath Subramanian Viswanathan)
Date of Birth 24.06.1928
Father Subramanian, Mother: Narayani Kuttiyammaal (Naanikkutti)
Birth Place Ilappulli village, Kerala.
  Lost his father & sister at the age of four (Trichy)
Moved to Kannanur with his grand father Krishnan Nayar.
Learnt Music from Neelaganda Bhagavathar (Kannanur)
Arangetram @ Kannanur Town Hall
Acting career! : Logithasan character in 'Harichandira' play (Kannanur Jail programme)
First job: Jupiter Pictures as an office boy, sal: Rs.3/ per month!
As an assistant Music Director: worked with C.R.Subbaraman
As a Music Director : 1948- First Film- Jenova (Chandira Pictures, Producer: E.P.Eeppachan, Hero: M.G.R, Recorded @ Newtone Studio, Sound Engineer: Din Sha Tehrani, Director:F.Nagoor, Lyrics: Suratha)
First film with T.K.Ramamurthy:  'Panam' (Producer: Kalaivanar N.S.K); 750+ movies to their credit. After 'Aayirathil Oruvan', this duo got separated and reunited in 1995 for the film 'Engiruntho Vanthaan'.
'Mellisai Mannar' (Melody King) title: 1963 -16th June @ N.K.T Kalaa Mandapam, conferred by Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan (the function was organised by Tiruvallikkeni Cultural Academy).


Wedding: with Janaki, 1956- 20th May @ Abutsbury Mandapam, Mountroad, Chennai.


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