O S Arun

O. S. Vaidyanathan - or Arun, as he is more popularly known began his music training under his father Vidwan O.V. Subramaniam. Arun, later qualified in Alankar Purna from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. He also topped the Sangeetha Shironmani course in Carnatic Music conducted by the faculty of Music and Fine Arts of Delhi University.

He has given concerts at India International Centre, Rasika Ranjini Sabha, Krishna Gana Sabha, Haridas Sammelan, Mylapore Fine Arts Club, Kalarasana Chennai, Badri Kedar Utsav, ICCR's, National Centre of performing Arts and Qutab Festival, in India among others.

Internationally, he has performed at Sanskriti Festival, London, World Adelaide Festival, International Delima Festival, Mauritius, 45th Independence Day at Kabul, Afghanistan, United Nations, Singapore Art Festival. Arun also indulges in trips to Australia and Canada that has given him new directions for collaborative work in Jazz and Music.

Arun has several cassettes and CDs featuring Bhajans, Carnatic and Fusion Music. He has composed music for music productions, videos, documentaries and dance ballets. He is also known for a choir that he has established which maintains the pristine grammar of Carnatic Music.

Arun has received several awards which include Culture India Award (1989), Best Vocalist award from Indian Fine Arts Society (1997-98), Best Pallavi award from Krishna Gana Sabha, Best Vocalist/Alapana award from Music Academy (2000-01). In 2000, he was conferred the Brahma Gana Samrat by the Brahma Gana Sabha.

G.A.Iswarya Apartmens,
4th Seaward Road,
Valmiki Road,
Thriuvanmiyur, Chennai 600 041.
Phone: 91-44-24425469 / 24455719
Email: osarun@hotmail.com, osarun@eth.com

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