S. Janaki
S JanakiSmt. S. Janaki, the gifted singer is no doubt, the undisputed melody queen of the South. For  years, we have been listening to her sweet voice convey the beauty of the birds and the flowers. Her magical and stimulating voice airs our joys and sorrows, dreams and aspirations. She sways the hearts of music lovers - soothing and stirring them or bringing tears to their eyes, with her mellifluous voice.

Janaki is not only a musician but also a magician. She does wonders with her voice and  changes her tone to match each and every stage of human life. Her range of singing is very wide while it encompasses the songs that are worshipful, mellisonant, off-colored, rebellious and imitative. She walks mutely and pleasingly into the hearts of audience with her soulful and stirring voice. Janaki has a sweet voice that can reach high pitches with consummate ease.

Janaki has been lilting the south Indian film music lovers with her uninterrupted singing for  several decades. At sixty plus, and after 15,000 songs in various Indian languages including over a hundred in Hindi, the evergreen singer is uncontaminated by age, going strong and still sweet as honey. She is a strong believer in self-learning, and has come up with sheer hard work and commitment to music.


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