National Flag of Independent India

Born on July 22, 1947 in the Constituent Assembly on the eve of the Independence, the Indian national Flag is a horizontal tricolor. When the adhoc Committee on the Flag adopted it as the National Flag of free India, Jawaharlal Nehru made a memorable speech and concluded saying :

"...this flag that I have the honor to present to you is... a flag of freedom, not only for ourselves, but to all people, who may see it.."

A band of deep saffron is at the top, white in middle, and dark green is at the bottom. The three bands of colors are in equal proportions. While in the center of the white band is a wheel in navy blue. This wheel is an adaptation from the sculpted wheel, called Chakra, the wheel of law, appearing on the abacus of Sarnath Capital of Asoka, the ancient Indian emperor. It has 24 spokes and the diameter approximates the width of the white band.

With all these things the width and length of the Tricolor is supposed to be in the proportion of 2 to 3. The design of the Tricolor has been adopted by the constitutional Assembly of India on 22nd July, 1947. The flag was designed as a symbol of freedom. Its use and display are, however, regulated by a code.

Significance of the Tricolor:

Each of the three colors in our Tricolor has a special significance. The saffron stands for courage, sacrifice and the spirit of renunciation. The white, is meant for purity and truth. While the green is for faith and fertility. The navy blue wheel in the center of the white band signifies which denotes continual progress of the country and its blue wheel signifies the continuity of the nation's progress which is deemed to be as boundless as the blue sky above and as fathomless as the deep blue sea that keeps its hands and feet washed.

The Flag Code of India

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